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Friday, June 30, 2006

Proposed topic for Project


We propose to develop an application to help Hong Kong visitors learn more about our tourist attractions. Currently, the Hong Kong tourism commission is using a hyperlink under the web to introduce different "attractions and 18 districts" to our visitors. However, it is find that they are in the form of information only which do not have any visual interaction with the web surfers.

Scope of work

Proposed add-on visual/interactive ideas for these attractions are:
1) identify the bus, tram, boat and other routes to these different attractions
2) highlight some attractions' important parameters (e.g. visitors count, opening hours, entry fee, discount for overseas visitors, etc) for web surfers
3) hyperlink to these attraction websites
4) faciliate its entry ticket booking, etc
5) propose route to visitors for their planning of trip (e.g. what attractions are suitable for your one day or two days local trip)

Since this proposed scope of work is very preliminary, we will add more nice features to this project in the later stage.

Technical Issues

"Macromedia Flash" will be used for this project. There may be some limitations of this software, we will revise the scope of work accordingly if necessary.

Please kindly comment and suggest some functionalities you find interest.

Amy & Terence

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lesson 5


I was really delighted after lesson as I have learnt some basic skills in using Flash. I have longed to learn this software, and here comes the chance. Thanks Daniel! I have tried to use it at home but I find it a bit difficult to create a nice representation. There are many things I need to consider in creating a good piece of work like the objective, the design of the object, its colour, animation, level of interaction, etc.. I think I need to spend more time on learning each function in Flash. I would try to use this software to do my assignment. Hope I can manage it well.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Learning Objects


I was amazed after looking at the learning objects shown by Daniel. It is really a good aid to help teachers explain their teaching items especially those complicated or abstract ones. It is surely more effective and interesting to learn through interaction and visualization. But after doing Task 4 -- Designing the shape of a raindrop, I find it difficult to create a well-designed one by myself. Anyway, Terence and I have tried our best. Hope you all enjoy it.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Digital Story


It is my first time to use this software -- Photostory. I find it interesting. I enjoy doing it. I have great experience with my partner, Terence Chow when doing our work. We try to make this digital stories for my F.2 students.

When I teach Passive Voice, I used to tell students 2 similar stories orally. One is told in Active Voice, the other is told in Passive. Then I will ask them to spot the differences bwtween these 2 stories. Now after learning this skill, I can create visual story to help me teach students.

This skill is useful in teaching. It is much more time saving than using "Flash". I think students like watching this kind of movies. I would try to show my students this digital story when I teach this topic and see their response.

Hope tonight, I can learn some more skills to help in my teaching.

Here are my digital stories.

Story 1
Story 2

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Here is a piece of great work created by Terence and I. Please take a look and give us some comments. Thanks!

"Well designed graphics are far more effective than
"Visuals can communicate complex ideas..."
(Tufte, 1983) It is right, but to me it is difficult to create a well designed picture. I found that it is easier for me to use words to express information than drawing pictures. Maybe it is because I am not a creative and innovative person and my visual literacy is really poor.

In doing this task, firstly I have considered using Flash but I am not familiar with this software and it is time-consuming to create even a simple object. At last we decided to use powerpoint to help us accomplish our task. I find that this task is interesting and helps me understand more about the advantages of visual representation. It is always easier said than done. Looking at a picture and getting ideas from it is surely easier than creating a picture and embedding information into it.
Anyway, looking at our final product, I am pleased and treasure this experience.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Who am I?

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After class, I discover that we can use many different ways to present the same piece of information. The most important point is that the designer should be innovative and creative enough. I am a bit worried in completing my tasks as I am not such a creative person and whether I am able to make good use of the softwares and make the best visual and interactive representations. Anyway, I would try my best to apply what I have learnt in the lesson on my tasks.